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Baldwinsville Youth Soccer Association (B.Y.S.A.)

Risk Management and Background Checks

BYSA operates under the umbrella of the New York State West Youth Soccer Association (NYSWYSA). In keeping with NYSWYSA standards, all volunteers who work on field with BYSA players must successfully complete the following:

  • Concussion Safety Training
  • SafeSport Abuse Prevention Training
  • A Background Check

This process is mandated, and managed, by the New York State West Youth Soccer Association (NYSWYSA). BYSA does not directly oversee or control this process but complies with the mandate to have all BYSA volunteers complete the process.

When these items are complete, the volunteer will be notified via email that the screening is complete and if the result is "CLEAR", a risk management pass will be issued.

NYSWYSA charges a fee for this service, which is absorbed by BYSA through player registration fees. Each volunteer will receive a coupon code to apply at the end of the screening process that nullifies the fee. If you require a code, please email your full name and affiliated team number (i.e., U6-09) to [email protected] and risk

This document is intended to help volunteers complete the screening process. Please allow 2-3 hours to complete the entire process.

For guidance on navigating the risk process, please view the following documents:

To initiate the process, follow this link:

  • Before you begin, make sure any browser popup blockers are off.
  • The training sites are not mobile friendly. Please do not attempt to complete via smart phone.
  • At the landing page, you will need to either sign in or create an account. On any screens where you are prompted for an email address, please use a personal email address (gmail, yahoo, etc.) and not an organizational address (,, etc.).
  • Follow the instructions on the site to complete the process. The navigation panel on the left side of the screen will indicate process. If your session is interrupted, it will pick up where you left off when you log in.
  • The concussion part of the training is on an external website (CDC Train) and requires a separate account.
             Registration will ask for a group, choose "Other"
  • Registration will ask for a location, choose "New York" and "Onondaga" county (even if you live in a different county, the BYSA mailing address is Onondaga)