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Baldwinsville Youth Soccer Association (B.Y.S.A.)

Indoor Soccer Has Arrived!

Key feedback from our BYSA families via the BYSA Family Survey, was the demand for more options for our players to play games and get touches on the ball. Based on that feedback, we've worked to develop an indoor offering with two options for players to participate. 

All games to be played at the CNY Family Sports Centre (Jones Rd).

Younger Players (Registration ends 10/20 or when filled)  Games start 11/9
- Ages 4 - 8
- 3 players per side (3v3)
- Small teams of 4 players to ensure lots of playing time
- Fast paced 25 minute games
- Pinnies, player sharing across teams, and co-coaching encouraged. We don't want any lopsided games here... switch around pinnies between the two teams to make the game as even as possible!
- BYSA will run this league, games will be played on two smaller indoor fields at the Centre
- All teams will be made up of BYSA players
- The session will run 6 Saturdays in November and December, with a cost of $60
- Sneakers or turf shoes to play.

Older Players (Registration ends 10/13)  Games start 10/26
- Ages 7 - 13
- The Centre Offers three tiers of play, BYSA will be helping to put together teams for the first two tiers
-- Recreational: Just for fun, like our traditional BYSA games! Score and standings kept. Playoffs to top 4 teams.
-- House: A bit more competitive.  Score and standings kept. Playoffs to top 4 teams.
-- Elite: We won't be forming teams of all BYSA players for this tier, but we can help you get more information about finding a team at this tier
- 60 Minute Games
- The Centre runs these leagues, BYSA's role is to pair coaches and players and help teams get entered into the league

Registration for these leagues is the same process as registering for our traditional BYSA sessions. Click here to register. 

Questions? Email [email protected] or [email protected]